5 Reasons to upgrade your Tool Storage

swivel storage workbench truck and trailer
  1. Your current toolbox is flimsy and bulging at the seams – it has structural problems

Replacing a toolbox may be more of an investment than a purchase.  High-quality toolboxes that have been constructed with strong materials are a cost consideration. Most toolboxes are made from steel with welded seams; the important thing is to check the steel’s thickness.

In the United States, we measure steel thickness in gauges. The sheet metal thickness is inversely proportional to the gauge number. For example, 12 gauge is thicker than 24 gauge steel. So, the lower the gauge number, the better. It also means that the toolbox is heavier and more robust

2. It’s difficult to move your toolbox around – it’s heavy and has no castors

To get the best performance for the price, make sure to buy a toolbox having certain features that enhance its usability. Simple things such as heavy-duty locking wheels or level adjustable legs can have a marked impact on its versatility and usability

3. You don’t have enough storage space for all of your tools

The main reason mechanics buy a tool chest is for its storage space. It is important for the buyer to project his/her needs and estimate what they need now and what they might need in the future, then look for a tool chest with enough storage space.

4. You need a work surface right where your tools are

A generous work surface, able to accommodate a power rail and computer screen at your workstation if you need one is a great asset, The quality of the bench is important to have surfaces that can be readily cleaned and are rated for the kind of weight you plan to put on it. Tool storage in the premium range has features such as an onboard power strip that you can use to power flashlights, charge power tool batteries, or even charge your phone.

5. You need the flexibility to purpose the drawer space according to your needs

Versatility in a toolbox is a must because you will store many kinds of tools. A tool chest can be versatile if it has drawers of different sizes, spaces for smaller components such as sockets or screwdrivers, and other features such as durable drawers that won’t fail. For example, you can use boxes with a workbench to perform several operations that a combination toolbox simply could not. A drawer-locking system is another example of desirable feature, especially in workshops with multiple users.

If this is your reality, it is time to look at Swivel Solutions Tool Storage

  1. Organized to Reduce clutter – swivel drawers with non-slip inserts
  2. Flexible enough to Allow you to organize your workflow – different modules to fit your space
  3. Versatile enough to be used in a multitude of applications – no matter the application Swivel has a solution
  4. Rugged and robust to contain fire hazards – heavy-duty design
  5. Self-contained and designed to prevent safety hazards – power supply to workbench directly for power tools
  6. Sturdy construction to ensure structural integrity – Heavy gauge steel bench work surface

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