Actual Conversation with our customer

heavy duty steel workbench with drawers

He bought a PRO25 from us 4 years ago. He is a very happy customer! 

He used to buy the other brand names and with welding and using self-tapping screws, etc he could barely make those units last 1 season. Now he has had the PRO25 for 4 seasons and other than a bit of faded paint and a small dent the unit is still perfect. It sits on his truck all the time. They use the front Latch to pull the full unit of tools forward so they have to re-bend that latch every so often. But this unit bounces around on his truck all summer long and is still great! One time one worker had forgotten to close the tailgate and the unit went rolling down the road a bunch of times, but no dent. All they had to do was take out the tools so they could lift the unit back on the truck and re-load the tools and they were good to go. He says if we want some competitor advertising he can bring us some old Napa & Snap on Tool boxes that he has used for 6 months that have all kinds of welds on them. He says his PRO25 has been to hell and back at least 10 times and is still good as new. 

Back then he thought $1400 was lots to pay for a unit, but after using it for 4 yrs he realized it was not a high price to pay.