Best Portable Workbench Reviews of 2022 (best 5 from a list of 10)

heavy duty steel workbench with drawers

The Best Mobile Workbench with drawers for 2022

July 2022 by Clamca

So Clamca Toolbox Distributors created a list of the top 10 best workbenches with drawers and casters.  We selected what we thought were the top 10 and listed them for people to see, review and vote.  We have chosen the top 5 from the list.  Honestly, we chose the top 4 from that list and by popular demand (more like yelling) we included 1 that really should have been in the top 10 anyway.  The US General from Harbor Freight made our final 5 lists and we need a top 3 list.  Clamca Toolbox Distributors needs your help to knock 2 more off the list.  Please add a post on the blog here or send an email.

The remaining 5 workbenches are (in no specific order):

  • Swivel Pro 603512
  • Stor-Loc MM2 Mobile Chest
  • Harbor Freight – US General
  • Snap on EPIQ
  • Dragon Fire – 17 Drawer

Workbenches made from steel with drawers and casters. Here are the best 5 of 2022

1.  Swivel Pro 603512 in Orange (MSRP $4,250)

Swivel Pro 603512 in Orange (MSRP $4,250)

Swivel Pro603512  
Dimensions: 62″ W x 24.25″ D x 39.25″ H
Net Weight: 660 Pounds
Number of Drawers: 12
Finish Type: Powder-coat
Drawer rating 400 pounds
Distribution Dealers and
Cubic IN storage 20874
Top type ¼ inch cold rolled steel
Caster rating size 5”

The Swivel Storage Solutions 60” Rolling Workbench with 12 drawers has a unique hinge system.  The hinge eliminates the drawer sliders and glides which usually cause trouble in drawers.  It has a ¼“ steel top and very few extras.  No power, and no USB charger, but has legs to set the workbench down and casters to move.  One of the heaviest-duty workbench of the batch.  It is not the prettiest or the one with the most frills, but if you are needing a heavy-duty workstation, this is the one that leans more toward the workbench than a toolbox.  Founded in 1981, Swivel Storage solution makes truck box, CNC storage, and workbenches based out of Canada.

What We Like

  • Heavy duty ¼” steel top
  • Space to mount a vice or other tools
  • Rocking system to lower workbench on legs
  • Very stable

hat We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy to move around
  • Limited drawer width
  • No customization available

2. Stor-Loc MM2 Mobile Chest (MSRP $7,000)

. Stor-Loc MM2 Mobile Chest (MSRP $7,000)

Stor-Loc MM2  
Dimensions: 60″ W x 30″ D x 44″ H
Net Weight: about 520 pounds
Number of Drawers: 11
Finish Type: Steel
Drawer rating we think 400 pounds
Cubic IN storage  
Top type Stainless Steel
Caster rating size  

The Stor-Loc MM2 has 11 drawers and has a stainless steel surface.  The riser is designed for tool storage in a workstation application.  Mig welded corners, no frills with solid feel.

Founded in 1982, Stor-Loc’s has a good reputation in the industry and makes modular storage and CNC units.

What We Like

  • Stainless steel top
  • Forklift tubes (cool idea)

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited info on product      
  • Website not very helpful

3. Harbor Freight – US General – (MSRP $1,199)

Harbor Freight – US General – (MSRP $1,199)Harbor Freight – US General

Harbor Freight U.S. GENERAL
Dimensions: 76 3/8″ W x 22 3/8″ D x 44″ H
Net Weight: 542 Pounds
Number of Drawers: 18
Finish Type: Powder coat paint
Drawer rating  
Distribution Harbor Freight
Cubic IN storage  29,500cu
Top type  Steel
Caster rating size  6” Casters – 6600 pounds

High impact rubber mat on top.  Suspension casters to stabilize while moving over bumpier surface.  Double slides on some drawers. 16-gauge steel on the back, side and drawers of box.  Spring latch to keep drawers closed.  Nice drawer liners.

What We Like

  • Price
  • Raised lip on top
  • Spring casters
  • Often comes on specials.

What We Don’t Like

  • No soft closing
  • 2 key lock design

4.  Snap on EPIQ KETN602B7PBO – (MSRP $12,690)

 Snap on EPIQ KETN602B7PBO

Snap on KETN602B7PBO $15,165 Dimensions: 60” x 30” x 48 9/16” Net Weight: 883 Number of Drawers: 10 Finish Type: Steel Drawer rating 500 lbs. Distribution Snap on Cubic IN storage 39119 Top type Steel Bed liner Caster rating size 8000 lbs.  

The EPIQ Roll workbench from Snap on has nice smooth large drawers at the top and smaller deep and shallow drawers lower.  The bed liner top is surface coated with a substance like the one used on truck bed liners.  The liner makes using this unit as a workbench a real things if the price is right for you.  Every knows Snap-on, but good read about their starts in the 1920s in WI, USA on their website.

What We Like

  • Heavy solid workbench
  • Good service and reputation
  • Good warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • The price… ouch
  • A little high for a workbench

5. Dragon Fire – 17 Drawer – (MSRP $3,499)

Dragon Fire - 17 Drawer

17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series $3,709 Dimensions: 84.5” x 27.5” x 41.5” Net Weight: 1034 Number of Drawers: 17 Finish Type: Steel Drawer rating 300 and 100 pounds Distribution Dragon Fire Cubic IN storage 37926.32 Top type 14G STAINLESS STEEL over 1 1/2 of solid wood Caster rating size  

The Dragon Fire workbench is one of the largest of our review.  It is built with 14 Gauge tubing and drawer fronts.  The workbench is built with the working person in mind and has 6 electrical outlets and 2 USB ports. A good mix of large and smaller drawers.  Some drawers have the double sliders for added weight capacity (300 pounds).  Quality product since 2016 made in PA USA.

What We Like

  • Very heavy solid workbench
  • All steel with powder coating finish
  • Good drawer mix of large and small drawers.

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited colors and models.
  • Casters make the working surface high

Final Verdict

The final verdict will be created with feedback from users of the workbench.

The values will be added, and a final winner will be announced on Oct 31th 2022.

The following items will be used to decide the best workbench 2022:


Gauge of top,