Do you have one of our heavy duty 2 in 1 workbench. Do you want to earn $150.00? if you can take a video of how you use our heavy duty workbench and submit a minimum of 10 min of raw video, we will either send you $150.00 visa card or $250.00 credit on your next purchase of the either the heavy duty workbenches or our road durable truck boxes.

swivel storage solutions

The heavy duty workbench video should show how you are currently using it. How the heavy duty workbench helped you organize.  If you can highlight what you like about our 2-in-1 workbench and what we can do to our 2-in-1 workbench to make it better.  If you have other brands of workbenches such as Snap-on, Matco, craftsman, or list we would like you to compare the space and the strength difference.  The swivel storage Pro603512 has a ¼ steel worksurface and we would love to know how that differs from other workbench and if that is important to you.

Our heavy-duty truck boxes also qualify for this amazing program. You can do a walk around your current utility truck and show us how you use it. Highlight how this differs from what you used before. Don’t worry if you think you are being negative! We want honest feedback on the 2-in-1 workbench and heavy duty work truck.

Lastly, if you have any co-workers or friends that would like to comment, that can be added to your video as raw footage.  To be clear, we want honest opinions, so it will not hurt our feeling if you give us pointers on how to make our product better…. And you will still get the $150  😊