In North America, we need Mobile Storage Solutions

Trucks keep the economy moving. There are an estimated 15.5 million trucks on the roads. Trucks are utility vehicles with specific purposes, and they have a high demand for uptime and to keep them moving. They are also mechanically complicated and so breakdowns are generally fixed in situ.

Trucks will always need tools whether for their own maintenance or if it is a utility vehicle a toolbox to store the required tools for specific jobs an onboard toolbox is a necessity on a truck of any kind.

 Contractors may need multiple toolboxes to carry their tool assortment for different tasks they may need to perform.

Portability and Accessibility

These are the most important factor for mobile mechanics as they need a portable tool chest or easy access to tools right at the job site. For that purpose, the tool chest needs to be as light as possible; this can be achieved using higher gauge steel. Mobile mechanics may have to compromise on other important parameters such as strength and storage capacity to achieve the required portability.

The ideal mobile storage solution

Swivel Storage offers multiple solutions for mobile storage, whatever your need maybe without compromising the strength and durability of the toolbox.

Let us look at some unique mobile storage options that Swivel Storage offers

Different Sizes, different numbers of drawers, different weatherproofing depending on location, lockable storage for security reasons, ability to mount in the truck storage well or on the back of the bed.

Heavy duty mobile storage toolbox to make your life easier. Secure storage that stands up to hazards of any road conditions. Sealed grease-able drawers to keep all contaminates from effecting the functionality of the toolbox.

Designed to stand up to vibration from mobile service. Dirt or dust will not affect hinge or drawer performance. Low resistance…easy operation even when loaded. Drawers close properly every time with one hand. No binding. Never dig in the back of a drawer again.


A weather seal on the main door keeps out moisture and dust. Dirt and dust will not affect the drawer performance as the hinges are dust resistant.

The low resistance opening and shutting of the drawers is an easy operation even when loaded and the positive closure of the drawer every time means no flapping drawers spilling out tools. This swivel drawer means you will never dig in the back of the drawer again.

Durable construction

12-gauge frame and 14-gauge drawers that are fully welded give the toolbox its heavy-duty construction. The durable powder coating will protect the exposed steel from oxidation and rusting. The strong T-handle with secure locking system provides security for your high dollar tools and the Anti-skid mats mean tools stay put during transportation. Greaseable fittings in each draw allow easy lubrication access to maintain your mobile storage toolbox

Swivel Storage Solutions provides a solution for every mobile storage need that you may have. Reach out to a Swivel Storage Solutions Representative today to discuss your wants.