One Man’s Experience

heavy duty workbench with drawers

Went to an auction last week thinking I might be able to pick up some tools and possibly a tool box for the garage. As it turns out I didn’t bid on the box, so I’m still looking. Since most of us here are tool guys, we pretty much know what to expect with tool boxes, on the surface the construction looks pretty much the same, but the details make all of the difference, especially things like drawer slides. Cheap slides can really ruin a box, so, what if you eliminated the slide? How about putting the drawers on a swivel. That’s what happens with these 2 in 1 heavy duty workbenches from Swivel Storage Solutions.

The Penner family has a metal fabrication business located in Canada and after going through a lot of boxes, they decided to build their own. Instead of the usual chest full of drawers on slides, they designed drawers that rotate on a steel post, making it easy to swing it completely open so there’s nothing hiding in the back. The shape of the drawers also makes it easy to fit the box into a corner where a regular tool chest doesn’t work.

They make quite a variety in lots of different sizes. The 12, 14 or 16 gauge metal is powder coated and prices run from $1000 to $4000. I think they look pretty cool and seem like they would be plenty durable. I might have to look these guys up.

Credit the Kneeslider by  Paul Crowe