Swivel Storage – How it all started.

The Evolution of the 2 in 1 Heavy Duty Workbench (PRO603512)

As machinists by trade, the Penner family went through toolboxes regardless of how much money they spent on them, the toolbox just would not last. The rollers and bearings would bind after mere months in an environment filled with metal filling dust and debris. They needed something better. 

In the toolbox market, there has always been a need for heavy duty toolboxes and workbenches. All toolboxes have the flaw of roller bearings and sliders that wear out and fail over time. The problem with today’s workbenches is that they just are not built well enough to survive the heavy tools and dusty shop atmosphere. The Penners developed the swivel system to eliminate the rollers, bearings and slides. Swivel has redefined the heavy-duty toolbox.

Swivel starts with a 1” steel rod.  The drawer hinge system is the equivalent of a large church door. It is thousands of pounds and sits on 3 or 4 ½” hinges, yet for the last hundred of years that door has closed perfectly, and it latches with precision to its adjacent strike plate. The hinge system allows low resistance drawers that close properly every time with one hand. Dirt and dust will not affect the strong greaseable hinge, and it will never bind even when fully loaded. 

Then we use 14 gauge drawers that are fully welded steel construction which makes it very durable. Manual welding was good, but the precision required to make the drawer fit was not as consistent as the brand needed, so Swivel storage started using automated robot welders to weld the frame and drawers with precision accuracy. The rod and drawers must fit with precision to ensure that the heavy duty workbench will work in all environments. 

The drawers are powder coated and a steel handle is attached. A rare earth magnet is fastened to the rear of the drawer to secure the door in a closed state until the user opens it.

The drawers are then housed in an all steel 2”x2” frame. The frame allows rigidity for the toolbox, which allows for a 400lb capacity per drawer. This furthers the evolution into a workbench. The drawers are cleaned and an anti-skid mat is placed inside.

The steel frame is then wrapped in a 16 gauge skirt. Five inch vinyl greaseable casters are placed onto the frame and adjustable legs are inserted for uneven floors. So now you have a moveable tools storage system. Add a ¼” steel top with a backsplash and it revolutionizes the toolboxes into a 2 in 1 toolbox and workbench, a workbench that moves to where your project is. Because our leveling legs are on the outside of the casters, it creates a table-like sturdiness to the workbench – a workbench that allows you to take your tools with you. A patented foot lever system allows you to move the 2 in 1 toolbox and workbench easily to your project. Repetitive.

All this allows one of the strongest tool storage and workbench combination. You have probably heard how there is a toolbox out there that you can stand in, well, that’s us.

Once you add things like the optional dividers and push-pull handles, you have a complete work area that you can move anywhere in your shop.