The Best Workbenches You Can Find

By buying our steel workbench for sale, you’ll be making an investment that will serve you for years to come. It will save you money, time, and effort since it’s easy to operate, maintain, and doesn’t have parts such as roller bearings that wear out fast. Fill out our simple online form for more details about how much is a workbench. Also, feel free to check out our collection of top-of-the-line toolboxes.

truck tool boxes

When it comes to transporting tools, truck tool boxes make it easier to manage your equipment. With one, you can transport tools without risking damage. At Clamca Toolbox Distributors, we have toolboxes for trucks in 9 different sizes to suit various needs. Our products are made to withstand the constant vibration that’s produced on the move. Besides, our truck tool chests will keep your items in place and last for many years too.

5 Reasons to Buy Our Tool Boxes

Here are five reasons why our heavy-duty truck tool chests are the best in the market:

  • Easy-to-Operate Doors and Drawers

The drawers are held in place with a single hinge that enables smooth opening and closing without much effort. You can swivel the drawer to get complete access, which eliminates the need to reach into the back of drawers trying to retrieve out-of-reach tools. With this hinging system, it’s easy to operate these drawers even while loaded.

  • Secure Locking System

Our toolboxes have a tamper-proof central locking system that can only be operated with one key. No matter the movement caused while in transit, you can rest assured that the box’s main door will remain closed and not spill the tools inside.

  • Strong Powder Painted Steel Construction

Our boxes have a sturdy steel construction that’s able to withstand vibration while on the move. As such, you can expect that all the parts will remain in good working condition even after transit.

Our steel is coated with powder paint to prevent corrosion and abrasion and for increased protection against weather elements such as moisture, which can cause rust. This also makes the boxes low-maintenance as they barely experience wear. Another advantage is that powder coats provide a long-lasting finish, maintaining the color’s vibrancy for longer compared to traditional paints.

  • Weather-Sealed Drawers

Extra protection from the elements, dust, and dirt is provided in the form of our weather sealed main door and drawers. This helps keep your tools in mint condition.

  • Anti-Skid Drawer Mats

The drawers are lined with anti-skid drawer mats to help reduce the movement of tools during transportation. This prevents the tools from rubbing up against each other, which can affect their working components.

Simplified Maintenance

Our truck bed toolboxes require minimal care and maintenance. For instance, the hinge should be greased at least once every 12 months at the swivel point of each grease fitting inside every drawer. You can also use water and mild soap to clean the interior when necessary. If you encounter any locking problems, check the magnets on the rear of the drawers for metallic debris. These should be wiped away to restore full locking system functionality.

Top-of-the-Class Tool Boxes

Come to us today for the best truck tool boxes which are made to serve all your mobile storage needs. We have a wide selection of high-quality construction tool boxes available in our extensive inventory. For any queries or questions about our products, fill out our simple online form today. Also, feel free to check out our top-of-the-line tool boxes for sale.