Top 10 work truck / van tool storage 2022

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Your Ultimate Guide to Work Trucks Toolboxes and Modular Tool Storage
If you carry your tools while on the go, you’ll understand why it’s important to have a secure and organized storage system.
Below is our ultimate guide to the best storage solutions for trucks and modular storage:

Top 10 work truck / van tool storage 2022

This 41 x 18 inch sturdy, steel toolbox is a high-capacity mobile storage solution.

With its multi-tier arrangement, you can easily find the tool you are looking for. It mounts onto your van or truck securely and you can also use it in your workshop or garage if you decide to relocate it at a later stage.

We love the fact that it also has a locking mechanism for added peace of mind as we know how valuable your tools are.

This toolbox also comes with a handy power socket for charging, making it a definite consideration.

Top 10 work truck/van tool storage 2022

Do you have a lot of tools that you need to carry around with you? If so, you likely struggle to find a storage container that can house all your tools in one place…until now, that is.

This heavy-duty tool chest has four large capacity drawers to keep your tools neatly organized in your truck or van. It also features convenient friction hinges that protect the toolbox and tools inside from damage when in transit.

It is also rust-resistant and has a stainless steel composition, meaning that it will last you for decades to come.

American Eagle

Looking for a fuss-free and simple storage solution for your tools when on the go? Consider our American Eagle toolboxes with a heavy-duty drawer system that is hard-wearing and can accommodate a large volume of tools.

Our American eagle toolboxes boast a high-quality galvanized stainless steel composition, making them long-wearing and incredibly durable.

You can also remove drawers one at a time whenever you want for added convenience.

You also have the additional option of customizing your drawers according to your requirements and the nature of your tools.

EZ Stak

Some folks worry about fitting a heavy-duty toolbox to their trucks as it will weigh the vehicle down. If this is your concern, consider this truck box unit that is lightweight enough to hold all your tools but is not too heavy.

Each drawer in this system is lockable, and there is also useful rubber matting in each drawer to protect the unit as well as your tools.

When purchasing this system, you receive a free installation kit to make fitting to your truck easy.

Highway Products inc

If you own a pick-up truck, you may struggle with hauling out your tool box every time you need to use it.

With the Truck Slide, this is no longer a concern as the flat storage system effortlessly slides out to give you all your tools within an arm’s reach.

This makes the tool packing away process much easier and quicker.

In addition to tool storage, you can also use it for camping equipment and other items stored in your pick-up truck.

Lista – Vidmar

Lista’s 13-drawer tool storage cabinet is 22.2” wide, 51.18” high, and has a depth of 22.5 inches.

It features 13 drawers and a whopping 97 compartments to accommodate your entire tool collection.

The drawers have varying capacities, so you have the perfect storage solution for all sizes of tools. Within each drawer, you have various compartments, making tool storage neat and tidy.

This storage cabinet can be fitted underneath a worktop or anywhere else that is convenient for you in your truck.

If 12 drawers are too little or too much for you, the same type of storage cabinet is available with more or fewer drawers.

This model is not the largest storage solution for tools but is ideal if space is at a premium for you.

Weighing in at only 53 pounds, you won’t even notice its presence in the back of your truck or van.

Durham Manufacturing’s 9-drawer tool storage cabinet is perfect for smaller tools and parts and fits into smaller spaces more easily than larger units.

Each drawer has adjustable scoops to accommodate your items and there is also a locking bar for extra security.

This cabinet has a pleasant gray color that will suit and enhance any interior space, and the lightweight steel composition means that it provides sufficient protection for your valuable tools.

  1. Ctech Manufacturing – TDU – 42495

Ctech Manufacturing

When it comes to mobile tool storage, sometimes the easiest choice is to pick something that is no-nonsense and sensible, which is exactly what the TDU-42494 drawer unit is.

With its cheerful fire engine red and gray color scheme and convenient telescoping shelf, this unit will fit all your tooling needs perfectly.

The bottom space capacity has an area of 2.508” and the drawers latch closed securely.

Its shelf slot spacing is 8.75 inches and the unit measures 27.5” x 38.82 “ x 17.5”, making it an excellent option for most tooling needs.

Swivel Storage SolutionsSwivel Storage SolutionsSwivel Storage Solutions

A swivel toolbox opens and shuts easily, hinging on a pivot, and is a fuss-free and simple option for tool storage on the go.

It has 8 drawers, each measuring 36 inches in width and 34 inches in height. This is ample capacity to pack all your most-necessary tools, and the anti-skid mats mean that there is no shifting around while in transit.

In addition, this super heavy-duty toolbox comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a great indication of its quality.

Weather Guard Fro Van

Another lightweight yet highly durable aluminum tool storage unit is this multi-drawer van organizer.

The drawers conveniently slide in and out whenever you need tools and the lock mount ensures that they are positioned safely in place when not in use.

This unit measures 49 inches in length, 23.5 inches high, and 12.25 inches in width. It weighs only 92 pounds and is easy to install and move around.

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