What Are The Important Features Of the American Eagle Toolbox?

workbench on wheels with drawers

Toolbox Distributors can help you find the right storage options for your needs. The American Eagle Toolbox is part of our broad array of toolboxes and drawer sets. We claim that American Eagle heavy-duty drawer systems have 500-pound-capacity slides that will withstand the rigors of everyday work truck use while supporting heavy tools and other parts and equipment. American Eagle toolbox mobile service drawer assemblies are available in standard and custom sizes and are built to last. The 500-pound slide utilized across the whole drawer size range ensures a strong, long-lasting platform for your tools and components. American Eagle is so confident in the durability of these drawers that the slides and hardware are covered by a full lifetime warranty.

Each drawer is made of lightweight aluminum for weight savings and corrosion resistance, and it includes a non-slip lining for added protection. Individual locking drawers with a single-handed T-Handle, powder-coated drawer fronts, and removable drawers to aid with installation are all included as standard features. Dividers, a telescoping top shelf, a 2.5-inch riser built-in, and hidden locking hardware are all included in the drawers. Heavy-duty slides with a 500-pound load rating for durability and ease of use; standard and customized sizes and configurations available. The all-steel structure ensures maximum strength and durability. American Eagle drawer sets are engineered to withstand extreme levels of use and abuse!

Our distinctive key locking “T” handle is used on all drawer widths in the product series. This innovation allows for one-handed operation while also concealing the latch mechanism for heavy-duty protection and a nice aesthetic. A textured grey powder coat finish is applied to all of the drawer fronts on the components. For extra strength and safety, the metal edges of the drawers and the top shelf are hemmed. A standard 2.50″ riser is integrated into the side panels, along with pre-punched mounting slots.

The top shelf comes standard with all drawer units and is intended to telescope out 5.5″ on either side. This will provide a full shelf in the body compartment and robust reinforcement in most installations. Individual drawers may be simply removed from the set, which is a unique feature that will make installation easier. This ability may also come in handy if you need to transfer objects closer to the job or find a misplaced tool.

There are many exciting features which are discussed as the following;

  • Each drawer has many dividers to keep your tools organized.
  • For appearance and longevity, galvanized components are combined with powder-coated drawer fronts.
  • Drawers that can be removed for
  1. Ease of installation.
  2. Bring tools closer to where you’re working.
  3. Quick recovery of misplaced or jammed instruments
  • For increased strength, the drawer edges are hemmed.
  • Sides are made of 14-gauge steel for added durability.
  • T-shaped clasp with a single-handed operation for easy access. For security, all drawers are keyed.
  • For superior strength, use certified heavy-duty 500-pound drawer sliders.
  • For easy installation, a 2.50″ riser with slotted mounting holes is built-in.
  • For durability and security, concealed latching hardware and a latch-guard are used.

American eagle toolbox dealer systems are manufactured to order according to your preferences. Each drawer system is custom-built to fit your truck’s compartment and set with the drawer sizes that will best suit your needs. So contact us today or visit our website for more details.