The Best Mobile Workbench with drawers for 2022

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June 2020 by Clamca

**** To be very clear, the workbench below are the top 10 in no specific order. ****  You pick the best of the best, the #1


Every worker has a workstation.  A place where you put your tools and a place where you do your work.  Many times, it is a desk where you use a pen and paper or now your computer, laptop, tablet and phone to do research and accomplish your work.


However, many people work with tools in workshops around the world.  If you work with tools in a workshop, your workspace is often called a workbench.  Over the years, the evolution of the workbench has taken different forms.  Also depending on your work, the workbench is different.  In this comparison, we are comparing the best workbenches for auto or heavy-duty diesel mechanics, metal workers or anyone who works on larger/heavier jobs.


As a busy worker, you need a surface where you can mount a vise and be able to accomplish the task at hand.  Your tools and parts need to be in easy reach to avoid unnecessary steps and save time.


Having your working surface and your tools in one location in a movable workbench on wheels (casters) appears to be a dream, but a few companies have created a mobile workstation with drawers to store your tools and parts needed to accomplish your tasks.  Some of them even offer wheels and legs which allows a mobile workbench to also be as stable to the workbench with no wheels.


Do you want the tools and parts you use at work to be within easy reach and organized in just one spot? Then investing in the best portable workbench is the solution. As a busy worker, you most likely want your tools and accessories to be within your easy reach and in an organized manner.


Organizing such items in the best mobile workbench promotes efficiencies, convenience and saves you time while you are at the worksite, workstation or at your lift/hoist. It is even possible to find portable rolling workbench with a real usable working surface, which comes with wheels and handles, thereby promoting bring everything to one location and even installing a vise to your top.


Several workbenches even feature several drawers and compartments/dividers, so all your tools, parts and accessories will have a home. With all the things it can do to simplify your daily tasks, having a workbench around is a big help whether you are an auto mechanic, contractor, maintenance technician, DIY enthusiast, or any other kind of worker.


However, before deciding to buy a portable workbench or toolbox, it is advisable to scrutinize and analyze all your options. There are many different options and types available. Find the most appropriate one for you through our short review of the top heavyduty steel 60” workbench with wheels today.  These are not the only options, but these are the ones that caught our eye.


Best Portable Workbench Reviews of 2020


1.  Swivel Pro 603512 in Orange (MSRP $4,250)



Swivel Storage Solutions Pro603512
Dimensions:62″ W x 24.25″ D x 39.25″ H
Net Weight:660 Pounds
Number of Drawers:12
Finish Type:Powder-coat
Drawer rating400 pounds
DistributionDealers and
Cubic IN storage20874
Top type¼ inch cold rolled steel
Caster rating size8000 pounds


The Swivel Storage Solutions 60” Rolling Workbench with 12 drawers has a unique hinge system.  The hinge eliminates the drawer slides and glides which usually cause the trouble in drawers.  It has a ¼“ steel top and very little in extras.  No power, no USB charger, but has legs to set the workbench down and casters to move.  One of the heaviest duty workbench of the batch.  It is not the prettiest or the one with the most frills, but if you are needing a heavyduty workstation, this is the one which leans more towards workbench than toolbox.  Founded in 1981, Swivel Storage solution makes truck box, CNC storage and workbenches based out of Canada.


What We Like


  • Heavy duty ¼” steel top
  • Space to mount a vice or other tools
  • Rocking system to lower workbench on legs
  • Very stable


What We Don’t Like


  • Heavy to move around
  • Limited drawer width
  • No customization available


2. Stor-Loc MM2 Mobile Chest (MSRP $7,000)


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Stor-Loc MM2 MM2
Dimensions:60″ W x 30″ D x 44″ H
Net Weight:about 520 pounds
Number of Drawers:11
Finish Type:Steel
Drawer ratingwe think 400 pounds
Cubic IN storage 
Top typeStainless Steel
Caster rating size 


The Stor-Loc MM2 has 11 drawers and has a stainless steel surface.  The riser is designed for tool storage in a workstation application.  Mig welded corners, no frills with solid feel.


Founded in 1982, Stor-Loc’s has a good reputation in the industry and makes modular storage and CNC units.


What We Like


  • Stainless steel top
  • Forklift tubes (cool idea)


What We Don’t Like


  • Limited info on product     
  • Website not very helpful


3. Rousseau Mobile Cabinet (MSRP 5,270)



Rousseau Metal R5GKG-30053682
Dimensions:54″ W x 27″ D x 41 1/2″ H
Net Weight:736 Pounds
Number of Drawers:10
Finish Type:Steel
Drawer rating400 pounds
Cubic IN storage ?
Top typeSteel
Caster rating size6″ casters


This Mobile Tool Cabinet has a 400 lb. capacity per drawer.  Drawer open fully to reveal the full contents of each drawer. The full-width handle ensures a smooth and comfortable motion when opening the drawers. Includes 10 drawers of different heights – (6) 4″ (4) 6″. Founded in 1970s and based in Quebec Canada.


What We Like


  • 400 pounds per drawer
  • 1 key locks everything
  • Many options available


What We Don’t Like


  • No large drawers for larger tools


4. Milwaukee – 48-22-8560 – (MSRP $1,200)



Milwaukee 48-22-8560
Dimensions:72″ W x 26″ D x 40″ H
Net Weight:415 Pounds
Number of Drawers:11
Finish Type:Powder coat
Drawer rating100 pounds
Cubic IN storage 24,199
Top type Steel and wood
Caster rating size 


Light gauge top with wood surface.


Lighter gauge workbench with 20 gauge steel.  The workbench is coated with polyurethane which does help with scratches and to avoid rust.  Comes with a pegboard and comes with a 6 outlet power center.  Only 100 pounds per drawer but it is really intended for lighter working environments.


What We Like


  • Decent brand
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Power outlet
  • Price


What We Don’t Like


  • Deep sockets will not fit upright.
  • Questionable durability depending on environment. 


5. Homemade – MSRP ??



Homemade $ ??
Dimensions:60″ x 35″ x 40″
Net Weight:?
Number of Drawers:?
Finish Type:?
Drawer rating?
DistributionGood ideas
Cubic IN storage?
Top type?
Caster rating size?


If you have the skills, time and desire, you can always build your own workbench with wheel.  We have found several DIY build your own workbench on the internet.


Garage journal has a great community and was helpful in building this list.  I am told to look for the “Steevo” workbench.


What We Like


  • You can build it the way you want
  • Will be the least expensive option
  • Will be as good as your skills can create
  • Will have features you want


What We Don’t Like


  • Can take time
  • The first version is never the best version
  • Materials will cost you


6. Extreme Tools (MSRP $4715)



Extreme ToolsEX7217RCBL
Dimensions:72″ W x 30″ D x 44.8″ H
Net Weight:1275 Pounds
Number of Drawers:17
Finish Type:powder coat paint
Drawer rating 300 & 600 pounds
Cubic IN storage 
Top type16 gauge stainless steel
Caster rating size3500 Pounds


Double wall fronts have been added to add rigidity to the drawers.  11 Ga steel frame makes this workbench very solid.  With 17 drawers of varying size and shape, this workbench offers a spot for most tools.  6 casters make moving the unit easier but make turning more difficult and can leave markers on the floor.  In 2004, extreme tools started focusing on making toolboxes.


What We Like


  • Versatile – drawer design allows the drawer configuration to be rotate
  • Locking safety drawer
  • Good mix of drawer size


What We Don’t Like


  • The drawer slides are a little stiff


7. Strong Hold – (MSRP $3,302)



Strong HoldAmerican Pride Special
Dimensions:60” x 24” x 50”
Net Weight:650
Number of Drawers:8
Finish Type:Powder coated steel
Drawer rating400 pounds
Cubic IN storage 
Top type7GA Steel gauge
Caster rating size3000 lbs. 6″ Casters


Made in the USA with and with a very patriotic look.  Heavy gauge construction all around.  Quality product made by a company that has a history of making good products.  Larger drawers and a useable working surface make this workbench a real option if working and looks is important to you.  Founded in 1955 and making steel cabinet and based in USA.


What We Like


  • 1 key locks all drawers
  • Nice powder coated steel
  • 99-year warranty from factory


What We Don’t Like


  • High to be working on       
  • No smaller drawers


8.  Snap on EPIQ KETN602B7PBO – (MSRP $12,690)


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Snap on KETN602B7PBO$15,165
Dimensions:60” x 30” x 48 9/16”
Net Weight:883
Number of Drawers:10
Finish Type:Steel
Drawer rating500 lbs.
DistributionSnap on
Cubic IN storage39119
Top typeSteel Bed liner
Caster rating size8000 lbs.



The EPIQ Roll workbench from Snap on has nice smooth large drawers at the top and smaller deep and shallow drawers lower.  The bed liner top is surface coated with a substance like the one used on truck bed liners.  The liner makes using this unit as a workbench a real thing if the price is right for you.  Everyone knows Snap-on, but visit their website to learning more about their starts in the 1920s in WI, USA.


What We Like


  • Heavy solid workbench
  • Good service and reputation
  • Good warranty


What We Don’t Like


  • The price… ouch
  • A little high for a workbench


9. 17 Drawer Midnight Pro – (MSRP $3,499)



17 Drawer Midnight Pro Series$3,709
Dimensions:84.5” x 27.5” x 41.5”
Net Weight:1034
Number of Drawers:17
Finish Type:Steel
Drawer rating300 and 100 pounds
Distribution Dragon Fire
Cubic IN storage37926.32
Top type14G STAINLESS STEEL over 1 1/2 of solid wood
Caster rating size 



The Dragon Fire workbench is one of the largest of our review.  It is built with 14 Gauge tubing and drawer fronts.  The workbench is built with the working person in mind and has 6 electrical outlets and 2 USB ports. A good mix of large and smaller drawers.  Some drawers have the double sliders for added weight capacity (300 pounds).  Quality product since 2016 made in PA USA.


What We Like


  • Very heavy solid workbench
  • 14 gauge stainless top
  • Good drawer mix of large and small drawers.


What We Don’t Like


  • Limited colors and models.
  • Casters make the working surface high


10. McTavish Steelworks – (MSRP $3,980)



72” workbench $3980
Dimensions:72” x 27.5” x 41.5”
Net Weight:600 pounds
Number of Drawers:12 (as photo)
Finish Type:Powder coated Steel
Drawer rating300 pounds
DistributionMcTavish direct
Cubic IN storage41475
Top type¼” STEEL  
Caster rating size4400 pounds



The McTavish workbench a solid well built workbench.  A few workbenches on this page makes more efforts on usability and sturdiness with the ability to mount a vice directly on the mobile workbench.  This is more a workbench than a toolbox, offers good value.  Good quality powder paint.  Focuses on workbenches.


What We Like


  • Very heavy solid workbench (mount a vise)
  • All steel with powder coating finish
  • Real quality workbench


What We Don’t Like


  • Limited colors
  • No large drawers
  • Looks a little dated


Final Verdict


The final verdict will be created with feedback from users of the workbench.


The values will be added, and a final winner will be announced on Oct 31th 2020.


The following items will be used to decide the best workbench 2020:




Gauge of top,






Please comment at with your suggested winner and why.  Request to add a workbench or make correction can be send and all efforts will be made to correct errors quickly.


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