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truck tool box worktruck tol storage
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Truck boxes are a mainstay for many industries and all sizes of corporations. From the single service truck units of the hardworking tradesman to the fleets of utility and energy vehicles and everything in between.

Because of this, their durability is of utmost importance. A reliable toolbox will save time and relieve aggravation of downtime due to damage, or worse, not being able to find tools or equipment. Further, a fully functioning system for tools saves time, energy, and money.

Increased productivity is the result of a well-organized service van. Therefore, being organized allows operators to work more efficiently.

Unfortunately, there is no harsher environment for service boxes than unforgiving roads that work trucks drive on regular basis. Manufacturers have tried stronger slides, more slides, and bigger slides. But the problem persists that the elements will interfere with the smooth operations of the toolbox.



Enter Swivel Storage. The design of the Swivel Storage units is intended for the rigors of heavy tools, harsh chemicals, bumpy roads, and other intense circumstances. It is made for durability and strength. Unlike slides, a swivel design, available from Swivel Storage Solutions, offers a sealed unit, which users can grease to keep contaminants out, prolonging the durability and safe use of the unit. Swivel Storage units feature drawers that are rated for 400 lbs. This strength supports the rigors of bumpy roads and heavy-duty equipment storage.

The Swivel Storage Solutions line of products is truly in a class of its own. The way the drawers open is similar to how a door opens. Think of historic cathedral doors that weigh many hundreds of pounds (if not thousands) and have opened for hundreds of years and still are perfectly aligned to be able to lock with a latch within millimeters. Emulating the operation of those cathedral doors, the Swivel Storage unit cannot be overlooked in its function and design.



The Penner Family has operated Okno Manufacturing since 1981, and during that time they went through many toolboxes and work benches. The problem was that they just weren’t built well enough to survive the heavy tools and dusty shop atmosphere. They were disappointed that someone wasn’t offering a solution for their needs. Out of necessity they designed and created their own workbenches that would stand up to their expectations. The most important feature to be included was a hinge or sliding mechanism that would not be affected by dirt and debris typical in many shops.

After many years of trial and error the design that proved most successful is what started the Swivel Storage Solutions line. It was thought that others may be experiencing the same concern in looking for a long-lasting, well-built workbench that spawned the idea to patent the Swivel Products and then create the company itself: Swivel Storage Solutions.

The design came from designer Norm Penner, a custom fabricator who needed a better solution to failing boxes. After several dozen design changes, the current version has been around for more than 15 years. The use of heavy steel in its construction contributes to the longevity of the product’s design.



Swivel Storage Solutions also provides workshop space with mobile two-in-one workbench toolbox products, such as the Pro603512 or the Max603510 with casters. A permanent workbench (which comes in 30-inch increments) is available, using the patented drawer opening design that swings open. The top can be 7-gauge, quarter inch, half inch, or 1-inch thick in powder-coated steel or stainless.



The Swivel Storage Solutions units features a strong box, and it’s got Swivel Storage customers talking.

“We have been using (the) Pro343408 for 7 years, and it is the only box that has survived,” explains Steve, owner at S & K pool Services.  “The salt used in my area has killed every other box I have used,” says Tobin Byer from American Crystal Sugar. “The only box that has survived is the Swivel Storage Solutions unit.”

“When I bought the swivel from a trade show, I thought the swiveling drawers were a gimmick,” begins Mat, owner of Blue Sky Industrial. “But after having used it for 4 years, I am now on my fifth road toolbox for my other trucks.”

“Because of being able to rely on my box no matter the terrain or weight in the boxes, I have been able to save 4 to 5 hours of work every week,” says Karl, vice president of sales at Warmic Services.

“We have never had a unit last more than six months, and when we buy the really expensive ones, they last a year or so,” states Kevin, owner of Cameron’s Reliable Maintenance Services. “We constantly abuse these boxes for the last 6 years, and all we have to do now is replace a $3 latch!”

Kevin from Cameron’s Reliable Maintenance Services is referring to his 2017 purchase. His units are in a trailer, so contaminants are less of a factor; however, the rigger of the bouncing road wreaks havoc on rollers and slides. He found a solution in the swivel unit.


In addition to these testimonials, Swivel Storage features a video of “man/woman on the street” reviews of the Swivel Storage Solution product line. In the video, people who have never seen the product were asked to give their first impressions. View the feedback on the brand’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, Swivel Storage recently launched its “try before you buy” program, offering fleet customers a sample of its products to try in the field before making a commitment. With this program, the customer simply pays for shipping, and the price of the unit is deferred for 90 days.

Those with fleet trucks or vans looking for a way to improve operational efficiency, better store their tools and equipment, or protect their tools and equipment can consider giving Swivel Storage Solutions a try.