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All our products are reasonably priced. We also offer amazing discounts for some of our corner storage items, which will save your money. Moreover, you’ll get a warranty that guarantees the quality of our product and protects you from any faulty workmanship or materials.

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Save space and money with our corner tool storage products. With our storage equipment, you can make your space a more efficient and productive work area. Our line of toolboxes is extensive and the best you can find in the industry, so choose your unit today from our premium quality selection.

Heavy duty toolbox

When it comes to storage options for tools, heavy-duty tool chests are quite reliable. You can also expect a heavy-duty toolbox to remain useful for years to come as it doesn’t deteriorate easily.

At Toolbox Distributors, we deal in products made with welded metal to ensure that we supply you with strong toolboxes. Our choice of materials and design details are what make our toolboxes some of the most sought-after in the market.

Our Sturdy ToolBoxes

Our toolboxes are made using fully welded steel, which is one of the strongest metals used in the industry. These boxes come fitted with 12 gauge frames, which is one of the thickest and most reliable steels. 

The reason why manufacturers use such material is to make sure that each heavy-duty tool storage bin that’s produced can withstand the pressures that it may be subjected to in the shop. Besides, steel doesn’t wear or tear easily.
Another important detail about the material of choice is that it’s non-porous. This makes it extremely hard to crack.

Steel is also durable, which makes our toolboxes the best choice for machinists who utilize corrosive chemicals in their line of work.

Why Our Materials are the Best

Our choice of materials is aimed towards solving the most common challenges that machinists deal with, which are short-lived toolboxes. We use a durable steel rod to make a system that enables the easy locking of the heavy drawers.
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