In North America, we need Mobile Storage Solutions

Trucks keep the economy moving. There are an estimated 15.5 million trucks on the roads. Trucks are utility vehicles with specific purposes, and they have a high demand for uptime and to keep them moving. They are also mechanically complicated and so breakdowns are generally fixed in situ.

Trucks will always need tools whether for their own maintenance or if it is a utility vehicle a toolbox to store the required tools for specific jobs an onboard toolbox is a necessity on a truck of any kind.

 Contractors may need multiple toolboxes to carry their tool assortment for different tasks they may need to perform.

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Portability and Accessibility

These are the most important factor for mobile mechanics as they need a portable tool chest or easy access to tools right at the job site. For that purpose, the tool chest needs to be as light as possible; this can be achieved using higher gauge steel. Mobile mechanics may have to compromise on other important parameters such as strength and storage capacity to achieve the required portability.

The ideal mobile storage solution

Swivel Storage offers multiple solutions for mobile storage, whatever your need maybe without compromising the strength and durability of the toolbox.

Let us look at some unique mobile storage options that Swivel Storage offers

Different Sizes, different numbers of drawers, different weatherproofing depending on location, lockable storage for security reasons, ability to mount in the truck storage well or on the back of the bed.

Heavy duty mobile storage toolbox to make your life easier. Secure storage that stands up to hazards of any road conditions. Sealed grease-able drawers to keep all contaminates from effecting the functionality of the toolbox.

Designed to stand up to vibration from mobile service. Dirt or dust will not affect hinge or drawer performance. Low resistance…easy operation even when loaded. Drawers close properly every time with one hand. No binding. Never dig in the back of a drawer again.


A weather seal on the main door keeps out moisture and dust. Dirt and dust will not affect the drawer performance as the hinges are dust resistant.

The low resistance opening and shutting of the drawers is an easy operation even when loaded and the positive closure of the drawer every time means no flapping drawers spilling out tools. This swivel drawer means you will never dig in the back of the drawer again.

Durable construction

12-gauge frame and 14-gauge drawers that are fully welded give the toolbox its heavy-duty construction. The durable powder coating will protect the exposed steel from oxidation and rusting. The strong T-handle with secure locking system provides security for your high dollar tools and the Anti-skid mats mean tools stay put during transportation. Greaseable fittings in each draw allow easy lubrication access to maintain your mobile storage toolbox

Swivel Storage Solutions provides a solution for every mobile storage need that you may have. Reach out to a Swivel Storage Solutions Representative today to discuss your wants.


2in1 workbench steel with swivel drawers

Innovations in Tool Storage

What is new in Tool Storage?

Whether you are a weekend garage warrior or a Pro shop fabricator you are going to find a storage solution for your tools that you love Mainly so that your tools are easily accessible where you are working at this moment.

Tool storage comes in many different varieties and colors, dictated by your need and budget. From makeshift solutions at the Container Store to high end, unique ergonomic work benches. There is a solution for every imaginable storage requirement.

Heavy duty -benches with built in drawers for tool storage combine a work surface with easy accessibility to your tools, is what you are looking for. Presenting your tools in a well-organized system  allows you to choose the right tool for the job with ease.

 The problem with tool storage

Over time, wear and tear take their toll on storage solutions, the locking mechanisms jam, the ball bearings on the draw slides cease up, the rough handling of tools dent and disfigure the thin steel drawer- most are constructed with 20 – 24 gauge sheet metal, the castor locks do not work adequately leaving the bench to roll around when working on the surface. This leaves you with longevity, durability and functionality issues in your toolbox and you are forced to replace older storage units with newer alternatives.

What you want is to take a close look at the latest innovation in Tool Storage. Engineered from the ground up to provide robustness, durability, and versatility to meet your needs for a workbench and Tool Cabinet in one offering that solves the problems you experience now.

There is innovation in Tool Storage solutions

Built on a sturdy metal bar frame, that can be wheeled on castors to a desired location, lowered onto its legs and have leg levelers to level it exactly to minimize vibration.

A design with multiple different sized drawers for storage of large power tools, small hand tool sets, miscellaneous nuts, and bolts and all neatly categorized for easy organization and access.

Robustness and usability built into the design, the drawers are designed to hold up to 400lbs of weight but open and close easily with minimal applied force. The drawers close positively to ensure they do not open in transit and do not roll out and hang open as soon as you turn your back on the cabinet.

Patented design and engineering solutions present a unique solution, drawers mounted on a single 1” cold rolled steel shaft that is unaffected by dust and debris and with zerk fittings in each drawer to allow occasional lubricating to ensure smooth pivoting action throughout the life of the cabinet. The unique swivel design drawers separated by nylon spacers can handle weight while gliding open and shut with minimal effort. The rare earth magnets on the closing mechanism make for a solid close and the durable solution.

Rubber liners reduce the friction of tools on the 10-gauge steel plates that the drawers are fabricated from and the flat draw bottoms prevent items from getting stuck in the drawers.

The sturdy ¼” steel plate top makes a perfect work surface for mounting a vice or other ancillary equipment.

This innovative Tool Storage unit exists – superbly finished in powdered coated paint it would be an asset in any garage or workshop with different sizes and combinations of storage solutions to meet your specific requirement. Modular in design to allow for customization of storage size to meet your needs. Watch this video to see people’s reactions to the product.

Please visit our web store at https://toolboxdistributors.com/shop and enter discount code swivel20 for 20% off.

Heavy-duty tool storage with patented swivel drawer systems that can hold up to 400lbs. Rolls on heavy duty castors with foot locking break, can be lowered onto metal tube legs. Has a ¼” steel Work surface.

Also visit www.clamca.com

Do you have one of our heavy duty 2 in 1 workbench.  Do you want to earn $150.00? if you can take a video of how you use our heavy duty workbench and submit a minimum of 10 min of raw video, we will either send you $150.00 visa card or $250.00 credit on your next purchase of the either the heavy duty workbenches or our road durable truck boxes.

swivel storage solutions

The heavy duty workbench video should show how you are currently using it. How the heavy duty workbench helped you organize.  If you can highlight what you like about our 2 in 1 workbench and what we can do to our 2 in 1 workbench to make it better.  If you have other brand of workbench such as Snap-on, Matco, craftman or lista we would like you to compare the space and the strength difference.  The swivel storage Pro603512 has a ¼ steel worksurface and we would love to know how that differs from other workbench and if that is important to you.

Our heavy duty truck boxes also qualify for this amazing program. You can do a walk around your current utility truck and show us how you use. Highlight how this differs from what you used before. Don’t worry if you think you are being negative! We want honest feed back on the 2 in 1 workbench and heavy duty work truck.

Lastly, if you have any co-workers or friends that would like to comment, that can be added to your video as raw footage.  To be clear, we want honest opinions, so it will not hurt our feeling if you give us pointers on how to make our product better…. And you will still get the $150  😊

Check out this workbench. Great way to cap the end of a workbench. Great way to store nuts and bolts with easy access. Heavy-duty workbench.

Heavy duty steel workbench storage drawer that swivel in orange

Customer added PRO51 to make a complete island.. Work still in progress will provide updated, but so far he LOVES all the storage with dedicated drawers for all his small stuff! Customer Quote: “ended up mounting the 51s on the end of the cabinet and it turned out really good. Didn’t want to take up any space on tabletop and had the room. Very happy with this unit it will last me the rest of my life.Thanks so much!”



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