Do you have one of our heavy duty 2 in 1 workbench.  Do you want to earn $150.00? if you can take a video of how you use our heavy duty workbench and submit a minimum of 10 min of raw video, we will either send you $150.00 visa card or $250.00 credit on your next purchase of the either the heavy duty workbenches or our road durable truck boxes.

swivel storage solutions

The heavy duty workbench video should show how you are currently using it. How the heavy duty workbench helped you organize.  If you can highlight what you like about our 2 in 1 workbench and what we can do to our 2 in 1 workbench to make it better.  If you have other brand of workbench such as Snap-on, Matco, craftman or lista we would like you to compare the space and the strength difference.  The swivel storage Pro603512 has a ¼ steel worksurface and we would love to know how that differs from other workbench and if that is important to you.

Our heavy duty truck boxes also qualify for this amazing program. You can do a walk around your current utility truck and show us how you use. Highlight how this differs from what you used before. Don’t worry if you think you are being negative! We want honest feed back on the 2 in 1 workbench and heavy duty work truck.

Lastly, if you have any co-workers or friends that would like to comment, that can be added to your video as raw footage.  To be clear, we want honest opinions, so it will not hurt our feeling if you give us pointers on how to make our product better…. And you will still get the $150  😊

Check out this workbench. Great way to cap the end of a workbench. Great way to store nuts and bolts with easy access. Heavy-duty workbench.

Heavy duty steel workbench storage drawer that swivel in orange

Customer added PRO51 to make a complete island.. Work still in progress will provide updated, but so far he LOVES all the storage with dedicated drawers for all his small stuff! Customer Quote: “ended up mounting the 51s on the end of the cabinet and it turned out really good. Didn’t want to take up any space on tabletop and had the room. Very happy with this unit it will last me the rest of my life.Thanks so much!”

Swivel gets tool storage concept out of box

Hinges on post allow one-handed opening of drawers for full display of heavy-duty content

Swivel’s 60-inch-wide moveable workbench is built strong enough for someone to stand on one of its drawers without damaging it.

The Penner family has been in the metal fabrication business since 1967 and has gone through a succession of tool boxes and work benches. They were disappointed with how many of those boxes and benches simply didn’t last when it came to dealing with heavy tools and a dusty atmosphere, so they decided to create their own boxes.

Not only are Swivel Storage Solution tool boxes and work benches heavy duty, but, as the name indicates, they also feature a swivel hinge rather than the traditional slide-out drawer system.

The swivel hinge is built around a steel post and isn’t bothered by dust or debris. It also allows drawers to be opened with a single hand, and to be opened for full display of everything inside; nothing is hidden in the back recesses.

Swivel boxes are made from fewer parts than traditional tool boxes, but are built strongly enough that someone can stand in a drawer without damage to the drawer or the box.

The boxes are produced in a variety of sizes and setups, from corner units and rolling boxes topped by a work bench surface for use in a garage to units designed to fit into a truck or van.

Depending on the design, 12-, 14-or 16-gauge steel is used. Boxes and drawers are powder-coated. Prices range from $1,000 to $5,000.

For information on Swivel Storage Solutions tool boxes and work benches, visit the website or call (800) 877-3956

Clearance, end of line, and scratches/dents.

Up to 68% discount if combined – Minimum of 60%!

Year end opened box clearance. Scratch and dent.  

We have recently added a clearance section on our website for discontinued colors, discounted models.  

You can view our videos on YouTube You will find a PDF brochure of product lineup and a price list.
Combine purchases for higher discount! Save an additional $75 for each additional unit on the same order.

We have the following items:  

3 – Max 603510 (Orange)
2 – Pro 603512 (Orange)
1 – Pro 303507 (Orange)
1 – Pro 252305 (Orange)
1 – Pro 513009 (Orange)          

*** All prices in USD include free shipping to the continental USA. ***  

MAX603510 MSRP $2499.00 Clearance $1000.00 60% discount (serial # 16M60040154)!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV5-2HwMo1s8y4QXA?e=xiHto7  
Max603510 MSRP $2499.00 Clearance $1000.00 – 60% discount (serial # 16M60040184)!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV6Qh0GtmrQNIcZXA?e=Tq5jSO  
PRO603512 MSRP $4250.00 Clearance $1500.00 – 65% discount (serial # 16P60060204!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV-YkszY8msSHEVow?e=ZZOadi  
PRO603512 MSRP $4250.00 Clearance $1500.00 65% discount (serial # 18P60020048)!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV_cSouPw9r0kdSrQ?e=U7nnjX  
PRO303507 MSRP $2750.00 Clearance $1000.00 63% discount (serial # 18P30020052)!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV8cOABRbvvsIDT8w?e=phYxjc  
PRO252305 MSRP $2140.00 Clearance $750.00 65% discount (serial # 18P25140249!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV8cOABRbvvsIDT8w?e=ixwTqo  
PRO513009 MSRP $1475.00 Clearance $500.00 66% discount (serial # 15P1090113)!Ah_ZD_A35RFygeV9JAXB3_zGEGccLg?e=Zok6p1
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