Large Toolboxes

If you’re handling big projects that need lots of tools, we have large toolboxes. Our units will help you move all the essentials to the job site so that you can have whatever you require in one easily accessible place. As you’re shopping, you should consider the following features:
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Different storage areas will help keep everything organized while you safely transport them to the site. As such, it’s best to find a toolbox that has multiple compartments to put small items like nails and screws separate and organized from the bulkier tools.
  • Choose a supportive grip that features non-slip or metal handles.
  • That way, you can transport your tools easily without worrying about malfunctioning or broken parts.

Small Toolboxes

A small, portable toolbox allows you to carry your essentials to the project site easily. We have a wide inventory of portable toolboxes that never sacrifice quality. Here are tips for finding the perfect toolbox for your work needs:
Pay attention to the weight your toolbox can carry. If you need a toolbox that can carry heavier or many essentials, you need to find a toolbox that can handle a heavier capacity.
Pay attention to the weight your toolbox can carry. If you need a toolbox that can carry heavier or many essentials, you need to find a toolbox that can handle a heavier capacity.
If your essentials consist of specialty tools, look for options that have versatile constructions that can hold such tools.
So, if you have been wondering about the best tool chest to buy, we’ve got you covered.

Invest in Quality

If you’re shopping for the best tool chest for the money you want to spend, come to us. Choose the heavy-duty toolbox that fits your work needs from our extensive inventory to guarantee that you make a worthy investment. We have a large collection of top-of-the-line tool boxes for sale, so you can rest assured that you’ll find one that fulfills your needs.
Heavy duty toolboxes for trucks
If your work involves travelling with your tools, then a truck toolbox is essential for you. At Clamca Toolbox Distributors, we offer heavy-duty tool boxes for trucks designed to keep your tools safe. These are utility chests for trucks that are made to store various mechanical tools in transit. In addition, they’re guaranteed to last for many years without failing.


No bearings or drawer slides to wear out or fail Low resistance, drawers close properly every time with one hand Dirt & dust won’t affect the strong greasable hinge plus it won’t bind even when loaded Fully welded heavy gauge all steel construction is very durable 1/4″ and 7 Gauge.

Road boxes

Swivel truck and road boxes swing open easily on a single, grease-able hinge to provide full access to drawer contents and close securely every time. This unit includes anti-skid drawer mats. A 12-gauge frame and 14-gauge drawers are weather-sealed to keep out dirt and dust. This Swivel truck box also features a secure locking system, all-steel construction with powder-coat paint finish and vibration-resistant construction.

2 in 1 Workbench

The Swivel Storage Solutions 60-Inch Rolling Workbench with 10 drawers features the exclusive Swivel hinge system, eliminating traditional drawer sliders and the inherent problem of slides and bearings wearing out, binding or failing. This Swivel Storage rolling workbench is designed to be the last toolbox you will ever need to buy in this world of throwaway products.

Care & Maintenance

Pro Series Care and Maintenance
  • Grease each grease zerk located inside each drawer at the swivel point every 12 months.
  • Clean interior and exterior surfaces with mild soap and water.
  • For best performance, it is recommended to ensure that the unit is levelled with adjustable feet.
Depending on your Swivel Storage Solutions Product’s environment, the magnets located on the rear of each drawer may collect metallic debris over time, which may inhibit the drawers from staying completely closed. This practice may affect the locking mechanism as it will not engage properly due to the drawer not closing completely. Should this occur, open each drawer one at a time (never open all drawers simultaneously). With a glove on the hand, which is used to clean the metallic debris, wipe off the magnet on the rear of each drawer. This way, you can restore the proper closure of the drawer and proper operation of the locking mechanism.

Warranty Information

Swivel Storage Solutions Pro Series Products come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
The Pro Series of products manufactured by Swivel Storage Solutions are warrantied to be free from defects in material and craft. In the unlikely event that we deem the product defective, Swivel Storage Solutions will be responsible for replacing the defective part only.
Exception: In no case shall Swivel Storage Solutions be responsible for any direct, consequential or indirect damage caused by the use of our products, the inability to use our products, or by any defect or failure of our products. Our liability shall be limited to the replacement of the product.
There are no other guarantees or warranties, implied or expressed beyond the terms of this expressed written warranty. The proper operation of all Swivel Storage Solution products is dependent on compliance with the Owner’s Manual regarding proper operation and maintenance. Failure to comply strictly with the Owner’s Manual Instructions will void the warranty in its entirety.
Warranty Product Registration with Swivel Storage Solutions:
To protect your purchase, you must register for the reasons listed below:
– Confirm Ownership: In case of an insurance loss such as fire, flood or theft, your registration can serve as your proof of purchase.
– Service Warranty: Filling out this form helps Swivel Storage Solutions efficiently obtain warranty information if there is a problem with your product.
– Safety-Registering: The warranty registration process allows Swivel Storage Solutions to maintain a record of your purchase. In the unlikely event that a safety notification is required, we will have collected the necessary information to contact you.

Swivel Pro Series Disclaimer

Pro Series Disclaimer
All statements, recommendations, and technical information contained in Swivel Storage Solutions advertising or stated by Swivel Storage Solutions are based on the information or tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed.
Before purchasing Swivel Storage Solutions products for specialty applications, the user is requested to determine the suitability of the products for their application. We assume no risk or liability therein.
Swivel Storage Solutions shall not be liable for injury resulting from defective units that remain in service after the user is aware of a defect that an average person would determine could ultimately result in injury.
In no case shall Swivel Storage Solutions be responsible or liable for any direct, consequential or indirect damage caused by the use of Swivel Storage Solutions workbenches or any other products sold by Swivel Storage Solutions, the inability to use the products or by any defect or failure of the products.
Should clarification of any of the above information be required, don’t hesitate to contact Swivel Storage Solutions Customer Service.
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