Pro813604 – Stationary Corner Lazy Swivel (Almond only)

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Stationary Corner Lazy Swivel w/ 4 Drawers, Powder Paint Black 7ga. Steel Tbl. Top


Making good use of the available space is a priority in many workplaces. The same goes for garages, where tools need to be easily accessible and safely stored. This is where corner tool storage units come in handy. They are able to utilize space that could otherwise have gone to waste without getting in the way of operations in the shop.

Clamca Toolbox Distributors supplies corner tool box units that provide not just storage space, but also a working area. These units come with unique features such as sturdy racks and drawers to make them more efficient.

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Steel top

7Ga, 3/8" Steel, 1/2" Steel, No top


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