Innovation in Tool Storage

2in1 workbench steel with swivel drawers

What is new in Tool Storage?

Whether you are a weekend garage warrior or a Pro shop fabricator you are going to find a storage solution for your tools that you love Mainly so that your tools are easily accessible where you are working at this moment.

Tool storage comes in many different varieties and colors, dictated by your need and budget. From makeshift solutions at the Container Store to high end, unique ergonomic work benches. There is a solution for every imaginable storage requirement.

Heavy duty -benches with built in drawers for tool storage combine a work surface with easy accessibility to your tools, is what you are looking for. Presenting your tools in a well-organized system  allows you to choose the right tool for the job with ease.

 The problem with tool storage

Over time, wear and tear take their toll on storage solutions, the locking mechanisms jam, the ball bearings on the draw slides cease up, the rough handling of tools dent and disfigure the thin steel drawer- most are constructed with 20 – 24 gauge sheet metal, the castor locks do not work adequately leaving the bench to roll around when working on the surface. This leaves you with longevity, durability and functionality issues in your toolbox and you are forced to replace older storage units with newer alternatives.

What you want is to take a close look at the latest innovation in Tool Storage. Engineered from the ground up to provide robustness, durability, and versatility to meet your needs for a workbench and Tool Cabinet in one offering that solves the problems you experience now.

There is innovation in Tool Storage solutions

Built on a sturdy metal bar frame, that can be wheeled on castors to a desired location, lowered onto its legs and have leg levelers to level it exactly to minimize vibration.

A design with multiple different sized drawers for storage of large power tools, small hand tool sets, miscellaneous nuts, and bolts and all neatly categorized for easy organization and access.

Robustness and usability built into the design, the drawers are designed to hold up to 400lbs of weight but open and close easily with minimal applied force. The drawers close positively to ensure they do not open in transit and do not roll out and hang open as soon as you turn your back on the cabinet.

Patented design and engineering solutions present a unique solution, drawers mounted on a single 1” cold rolled steel shaft that is unaffected by dust and debris and with zerk fittings in each drawer to allow occasional lubricating to ensure smooth pivoting action throughout the life of the cabinet. The unique swivel design drawers separated by nylon spacers can handle weight while gliding open and shut with minimal effort. The rare earth magnets on the closing mechanism make for a solid close and the durable solution.

Rubber liners reduce the friction of tools on the 10-gauge steel plates that the drawers are fabricated from and the flat draw bottoms prevent items from getting stuck in the drawers.

The sturdy ¼” steel plate top makes a perfect work surface for mounting a vice or other ancillary equipment.

This innovative Tool Storage unit exists – superbly finished in powdered coated paint it would be an asset in any garage or workshop with different sizes and combinations of storage solutions to meet your specific requirement. Modular in design to allow for customization of storage size to meet your needs. Watch this video to see people’s reactions to the product.

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Heavy-duty tool storage with patented swivel drawer systems that can hold up to 400lbs. Rolls on heavy duty castors with foot locking break, can be lowered onto metal tube legs. Has a ¼” steel Work surface.

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