swivel workbench


Workbenches often play a significant role in the organization and tidiness of a car garage. However, one must understand that not all workbenches are suitable for a car garage. So, which are some of the best workbenches for a mechanic? Well, there is no one-size-fits-all workbench for mechanics, nevertheless, we will touch on some features that make workbenches ideal for mechanics.

As a mechanic, it is important to know why you need a workbench in the first place. For instance, why would you choose a wooden workbench over a steel workbench, yet, you are dealing with are heavy car parts? Or why waste money on a workbench with no drawers when you can actually purchase one with drawers and maximize on garage space?

As a mechanic, you need to ask yourself the following questions before settling on a specific workbench.

  1. Does it offer a solid workspace?

The last thing any mechanic needs is a weak, squeaky workbench. On average, Steel workbenches are solid and support heavy-duty tasks which makes them ideal for mechanics. Remember, with strength comes balance! Any workbench that offers firm support and balance is considered ideal for a mechanic, regardless of the material that is made of.

  1. Does it offer storage space?

Workbenches with drawers are wonderful ‘pets’ to have in a car repair shop. Mechanics tend to rely on several tools in their line of duty. Having to look for each of these tools all over the shop is certainly an issue that most mechanics would want to avoid. In direct contrast, workbench drawers allow mechanics to store all their tools in one place for safety and convenience.

Having said that let us take a look at workbenches that fit the bill of a mechanic’s needs.

  • Bott Steel Work Bench

The bench is 6.6 feet long which gives the mechanic ample working space. Additionally, it has a high weight limit of 1764 pounds making it handy for handling any heavy vehicle parts and equipment. The last fine detail about the Bott steel workbench is the ample space underneath and drawers for storage of tools and other accessories.

  • Treston Workbench

This is another heavy-duty workbench with a 1650 pounds’ weight capacity. However, this is more than just an ordinary workbench due to its many exotic features. It comes with a balancer rail, flexible design, a ProLite 28 Light, and 2 suspension rails. Its top-selling feature is the maximized storage space that allows mechanics to make the most of the available space. Also, the perforated storage units give it that over-the-edge exotic look.

  • The Swivel Pro 603512

This is a heavy-duty workbench with an average of 650 pounds of weight capacity. It is made of pure steel. Its casters and strong legs for stability allow one to move it around the work environment with ease. This workbench has a total of 12 drawers built-in dynamic designs for strength and durability. The ample spaces within the drawers, allow for maximum storage which translates into a clear workbench space.

The above-mentioned workbenches are a few of the best workbenches for mechanics. Their prices will always vary depending on the capacity, strength, and utility of each workbench! Get your ideal workbench today, and watch it transform your garage!