5 Reasons to upgrade your Tool Storage

  1. If your clutter is causing you to give up a project before you start

You may have this happening in your head.


Measuring the impact of mess. Source: Boyoun (Grace) Chae and Rui (Juliet) Zhu – Harvard Business Review


2.  Your workbench poses a Fire risk

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Description automatically generatedThe biggest threat posed by untidy spaces and clutter in the workplace is fire. It is the most dangerous risk for sure and many environments which are packed with hoarded items or simply badly organized tools, project supplies, especially lumber, clean up waste soaked in solvent, cardboard boxes, files, and paper create a huge risk should a fire start. The speed at which items catch fire is rapid and furthered when there are loose papers and similar lying around.  What is more, as items fall or begin to burn, fire exits, obvious escape routes and ways out quickly become obstructed.

Whether large piles are already blocking doors or are simply near doorways, they pose a significant risk and may limit ways out should a fire occur. In many premises, windows are inaccessible, and this can impede the fire officers as well as make escape much more difficult. Firefighting and rescue attempts cannot happen as easily as they should and this in turn puts the lives of fire officers at risk as well as your staff and customers, if on-site.

The likelihood of fire is immediately raised when you have piles of flammable materials, especially when located near electronics such as photocopiers, computers, and other related hardware. The risk of overheating is increased too. As a company who provides fire restoration services we regularly see the devastating impact of fire and believe businesses should do all they can to avoid the risks.

3. Your current tool storage solution has structural integrity problems

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Drawers hanging open because the sliders are broken, or they are too full to close are an accident waiting to happen.

Generally. drawers start our being organized and become disheveled because unrelated objects that were not intended to be stored in them are added to them, without regard.

Counter tops that are piled high with heavy objects and begin to buckle under the weight and start to sag and eventually will break under the strain. Unsafe conditions waiting to morph into a catastrophe. Another classic problem is rolling tool storage with malfunctioning castors and locking mechanisms due to design inadequacies.

4. If you need to Create a Safe, Healthy Workplace

Businesses can very easily fall behind when it comes to their general housekeeping. Not all businesspeople know the standards of cleanliness and tidiness expected and others would claim they do not personally have the time to keep on top of regular cleaning and clutter.

The risks that come with working in an untidy environment are too high to ignore, accidents, slips, falls are all possible in an untidy, unkempt environment. The risk of litigation is exponentially greater for businesses that are cluttered and disorganized. If you are tasked with creating a safe and healthy workplace for your business workplace ergonomics are an essential consideration. A large part of that is considering safe, reliable storage with weight rated work surfaces to handle the intended tasks and low friction easy to open and shut drawers. Mobility to move the tools to the intended workstation is also a plus

5. If you need to stay organized

The number of lost dollars and wasted labor hours that result from a lack of organization can be surprising.  Many safety systems emphasize a place for everything and everything in its place It is a reliable way to enhance productivity in any environment. When organizing your work area as part of continuous improvement, think about the layout of your machining equipment and tools and whether they currently maximize efficiency. If not, consider rearranging your manufacturing floor to create a smoother workflow. Incorporate tool storage under workbenches. Dedicate tool storage to the tasks carried out at the designated workstation.

If this is your reality, it is time to look at Swivel Solutions Tool Storage

  1. Organized to Reduce clutter – swivel drawers with non-slip inserts
  2. Flexible enough to Allow you to organize your workflow – different modules to fit your space
  3. Versatile enough to be used in a multitude of applications – no matter the application Swivel has a solution
  4. Rugged and robust to contain fire hazards – heavy duty design
  5. Self -contained and designed to prevent safety hazards – power supply to workbench directly for power tools
  6. Sturdy construction to ensure structural integrity – Heavy gauge steel bench work surface

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